Sailing updates 28/08/2022:

28/08/2022 VALONA – BRINDISI 23.30 

New departure time 03.30 in the morning of 29/08/2022.

New Arrival time 09.00.


28/08/2022 VALONA BRINDISI 23.30

Nuovo orario di partenza 03.30 del mattino del 29/08/2022.

Nuovo orario di arrivo 09.00


Important information before departure.

  • Vehicle change plate numbers can be done at the port office free of charge.
  • Mistakes in Gender can be corrected at the check-in free of charge.
  • Check-in offices are open from the morning till the departure time of the vessel.
  • Passengers must provide their passports or ID in order to travel. Driver licenses are not accepted for travel.
  • No covid restrictions are currently in force for traveling to Albania
  • Due to police controls when traveling from and to non – Schengen areas there can be delays in the departure time.

For any further information, you may contact us at [email protected]